Our Other Offerings

Besides life coaching, I am a certified yoga & meditation instructor availible locally for group and private yoga and meditation classes and sessions including customized corporate & workplace wellness programs. Anything you need for body/mind/spirit wellness, we’ve got you covered! E-mail for more information about any of our other programs! BestDayLifeCoach@gmail.com

Body – Yoga

Yoga not only stretches and strengthens your body, improves balance, supports joint health, boost muscle tone, improves breathing capacity and quality, reduces back pain but it also helps you get in touch with the more subtle energies that are unique to only you!

Mind – Meditation

Meditation has dozens of benefits including building awareness, enhancing sense of well being and quality of life, stress reduction, improved sleep, noted reduction in pain, depression and anxiety in some practitioners and improved self regulation and emotional balance.

Spirit – Mindfullness

Mindfulness has been shown to improve a person’s capacity for gratitude, cognition, helps the brain to reduce distractions, keeps you in the present moment, improved memory retention, better decision making and that is only the beginning!

Let’s build something great together!


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