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Life coaching for women in the areas of Life, Work, Family & Business

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process of self exploration and self realization that can help an individual go from living a regular or less than amazing life to living an extraordinary, fulfilled life! Decision making, problem solving, goal setting…you name it, we can work on it!

About Me

My name is Seanna Chmura and I am a Life Coach trained in the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training Program. I have always loved helping people and when I realized there was a way for me to help people help themselves, I went All In! Let me help you get unstuck and discover who you really are, re-ignite that inner spark and bring your self worth to a whole new level! Together we can do great things! It all starts with a simple process called Life Coaching!

Purpose, Vision & Mission

I coach because I care about women finding their authentic selves and living their life through that lense. I love helping women discover who they truly are, determine what they really want in their lives and then develop a blueprint and roadmap to bridge the gap between the two. Then they can start living the life of their dreams in the most miraculous way possible!

How do you know if Life Coaching Is For you?

Have you ever had that feeling that there is more to life than your current situation? Are you unhappy or really wanting to make a change for the better but you just don’t know how? You used to feel so strong and confident but life happened and you lack the self confidence and drive that you used to have. If you can relate to any of these scenarios, Life Coaching Is For You!

Are You Ready?
Life Is What You Make Of It…so

Make Today The Best Day!

Seanna Chmura ~ Life Coach for Women

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